Massive open online courses provide us with a unique opportunity to democratize the education process by engaging a worldwide audience for our lessons and curriculum. I have been fortunate to work with some of the best in the industry of online learning to develop courses.





MIT | GradCOMMx – Artis Animi

The GradCOMMx MOOC (professional communication massive open online course) was commissioned to enhance the access to specific communication skills by the 6,800+ graduate student population of MIT students. As an MITx/EdX MOOC, this curriculum will serve to enhance universal access to the skills needed for professional communication by existing and future graduate students.





Launching Innovation In Schools

Course participants will complete a six week cycle of study and experimentation as individuals within their school context that is targeted at the scaled growth of innovative education practices within. Participants will strengthen their systems thinking skills so they can switch from reactive problem solving to initiating and creating new futures. This MOOC will focus on joint capacity building through collaboration and partnership throughout your all levels of stakeholder interest in your school (administration, teaching staff, students, parents, etc.).




How To Make A Comic Book

In this project-centered course, you will create an original four page mini-comic designed around a short story of your choosing. What you’ll need to get started: This project-centered course is designed for all-age learners (high school age and above, at least 13 years of age) who are interested in learning how to make a comic book, but have never completed one before. While comic books can be created with any kinds of materials, we recommend that learners have the following materials available to complete the project: at least one ream of 8.5×11 copy paper, #2 pencils and eraser, Sharpie-type fine point pens, ruler with inch measurements, and adjustable binding stapler. Learners should also have access to a printer and scanner (to facilitate digitizing work to be shared with peers on Coursera).

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Learning Mindsets & Skills

The Learning Mindsets & Skills MOOC is designed to explore underlying concepts behind Learning Mindsets & Skills as well as the the practical applications of those concepts in various educational environments. Course Participants will hypothesize a learning mindset-related change to be implemented within their educational environment, test their theory, and present their findings to a wider audience.

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How To Teach Us

Grade school students have much to teach us about how they learn best. Still, their voices are not always sought out or heard. In the winter of 2015 High Tech High launched this groundbreaking new course that follows the educational experiences of various students in their schools.

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Get A Grasp!

“Get A Grasp!” was a MOOC I conceived of after having completed the New School Creation MOOC. In “Get A Grasp!” participants were charged with the task of developing a well-rounded understanding of a comic project concept that is intended for production. The course included access to writers, artists, publishers and editors and was completed by almost 1,000 worldwide participants. This MOOC was originally designed using the Google Course-builder platform.
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New School Creation

The New School Creation course was originally developed by High Tech High CEO, Larry Rosenstock, at the University of Berkeley Graduate School of Education. New School Creation is a six week course designed for school leaders, graduate students, school developers, and any interested in thinking in a different kind of way about how to create a school. Originally completed in the winter of 2014, the course is now available for the Coursera on-demand platform as of 2015.

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