Making Comics Worldwide and the project has been some of my proudest work completed to date. As the acting CEO I have had the fortune to lead some of the best and brightest educators/content makers I have ever met. We have set out to accomplish a bold vision of centralizing comic art education, making it free for mass access, and using that platform to ensure a new generation of comic creators understands the rich history in which the art form has emerged from.

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Making Comics Worldwide is in the process of obtaining educational nonprofit 501(c) status as a public charity. Making Comics Worldwide promotes comic arts and graphic storytelling to a worldwide audience through curriculum for multiple learning styles, relevant resources, and mentor communities. We aim to create free and open resources with global reach. Founded September 1st 2013.

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The project is aimed promoting comic arts and graphic storytelling to a worldwide audience through the use of free and up to date learning materials. has the bold goal of becoming the largest, and most useful, online repository of comic-making educational material. This will be achieved through active creation of new content, learning community facilitation, and our crowdsourced repository of comic-making resources from around the web.